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25 Plus Years of Proven Results

The experts in the field of dealership advertising, Miller Ad Agency, created to maximize the retail potential of your dealership’s website.  Twenty-five plus years of proven results have gone into the development and execution of the finest, most efficient automotive dealership online marketing site.

On Line, On Point

Stop using your website as a high dollar yellow page listing.  The Internet is constantly growing and evolving.  Users and user habits are changing and what was effective two years ago is now outdated.  It’s time to start thinking about your website as a full blown advertising machine turned on 24/7 broadcasting for the world to see. is geared to get your marketing message out to the world.

Know the Facts

Research is the driving force behind Miller Ad Agency's success.  Know your customer, and know their habits, and you have a tremendous marketing advantage over your competition.  The same is true for your website marketing.  Research tells us why most customers visit a dealership’s website, what they are looking for, when they’re  looking for it, and how much they want to pay – all this information helped guide the final layouts in

A Customer Cannot Buy from A Company They Cannot Find

Accept nothing less than Web optimized from the start.  It’s time to get in the game, if your website is falling on the second or third page on search engines you’re sitting on the sidelines.  Step up and be seen. sites are built optimized from the start.  Like a newspaper ad, television commercial or billboard your website must be seen to have any chance at being successful.

Stand Out and Be Heard provides your dealership with the tools to incorporate every aspect of your marketing and advertising dollars.  Every communication from your dealership should have the same look, the same feel and the same message.  Fragmenting your advertising is never a good idea.  All the pieces need to work together, this is where other dealership Web companies fall short and excels. 

Our expertise in the field of dealership advertising combines the best of traditional media with internet marketing.  Leverage your direct mail campaign with your website, utilize your radio to drive website traffic, incorporate your sales event message in every media.

Proven Results

With multi-point dealerships selling over 16,000 vehicles a year to single point dealers selling 600, Miller Ad Agency has the proven track record to help grow your dealership.  We have launched and handled some of the largest dealerships in America, Mexico & Canada.  Using research to create the most effective dealership advertising campaigns across the country, Miller Ad Agency and will take your website to the next level.

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The minds behind the marketing...

Dorthy Miller
Miller Ad Agency
7-Time Speaker at NADA

2011 NADA Seminar
Timeless or Obsolete:
The Changing Face of Advertising

Workshop topics included:
  • How the Internet is changing.
  • The do's and don'ts of websites.
  • How to synergize messages.
  • How to drive traffic online.
If you were not able to attend this workshop in San Francisco but would like more information, please click here to contact us today or call Miller Ad Agency at 1-800-828-8189 and allow us to show you the practical application of iMarketing in your dealership.